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Who We Are

Gitana Gold was born in 2015 as a 3 month pop up boutique in the Mission of San Francisco showcasing a collective of fashion, art, designer and vintage retail. The following year the concept was expanded to include a retail pop up in Pacific Beach, San Diego. 

Founder Elisa Gonsalves dreamed of collaborating her designs and bringing together various artists and designers in one space-- attracting the best of the creative minds she had discovered throughout her years of travels and bohemian adventures. 

Traveling around the country sharing her designs, the most common question was, "do you have a shop?" 

The newest generation of Gitana Gold represents a carefully curated collective of artisans and designers featured in an online retail store, that is accessible to all worldwide.  

The idea behind the brand and collaborations is to find the ordinary and re-imagine it into something extraordinary that helps enliven personal style to the one who possess it. 


Sharing one of a kind vintage gems or carefully crafted body accents creates a memory, and spreads the creative passion that Gitana Gold represents. 

It is through reuse and re imagination of these repurposed treasures that Gitana Gold represents responsible fashion- utilizing renewable resources and and sometimes using existing garments rather than promoting the fast cycle of consumption that plagues the fashion world. 

Gitana Gold provides the items of your imagination- all of the color and texture and beautiful excess you can hope for, styled and selected with care and expertise. 

Step inside and let us inspire you. 


Architecture tempered by art.

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Structure meets style.

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